Dog Friendly Cottages in the UK – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re anything like us, a holiday in the UK is never the same without our family doggo coming along for the ride. Quite literally. To help you do the same, we’ve taken a look at some of the absolute best cottages available all around Great Britain, in some of the most beautiful and amazing places, to bring you our ultimate guide to dog friendly cottages in Great Britain. Barkle (buckle… sorry) in, and check out some of these stunning cottages to stay with your four legged friend.

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Where to go

– Dog Friendly Cottages in The Lake District
– Dog Friendly Cottages in Wales
– Dog Friendly Cottages in Cornwall
– Dog Friendly Cottages in Norfolk

Planning a holiday with your dog can be a little difficult. Maybe you’re not sure where in the UK to visit, or want to make sure you have some great dog walking routes with stunning views nearby but don’t know the local area. Fear not, we are here to help!

Here at Doggy Retreats, we do the four legged work for you. We work with some of the most well-known travel companies, curating and recommending some of the best cottages and retreats around the country helping you plan your perfect doggy vacation. We are lucky in the UK to have some amazing countryside and coastlines. You don’t have to travel very far to experience a whole host of new adventures. From mountainous regions just waiting to be explored to beautiful sandy beaches brimming with wild life. You can also travel back in time on many of the walks, visiting ruins and ancient relics. Learn about our ancestors while taking in the fresh air.

Dog Friendly Cottages in The Lake District

A lush land steeped in a rich blend of history, culture and nature. Man and nature harmoniously co-exist in the Lake District, a visit here can be richly rewarding.

The Cumbrian Lake District spans 30 miles wide by 30 miles high and is England’s pristine, green mountain playground. While not impressive in sheer height, England’s tallest peak is only 3,200 feet, it’s still a powerful magnet for nature lovers. The charm of this area is, in part, the range of experiences it provides. Stumble upon a surprise lake view then climb over a rock fence to look into the eyes of a friendly sheep. 

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A land where nature rules, and humanity keeps a low profile. For two centuries this region has inspired visitors to relax, recharge, get some exercise and maybe even write a poem.

Keswick, Lake District

The Lake District is green for a good reason. It rains, a lot. Pack smart and bring clothing for all types of weather with you, don’t let the blustery weather keep you and your dog from enjoying some of the best walks in the UK. It’s rainy one moment and then suddenly gorgeous. The locals love to say “There’s no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”.

To explore the northern lakes, the town of Keswick is your best home base. The north is often more popular with those who want to experience nature in its fullest as the south can feel more commercial. Keswick was originally a mining centre, but the slate and lead industries eventually gave way to nature-loving tourists and in the 19th century, Keswick became a resort. It’s fine old buildings recall those Romantic era days when big city folks first learned about nature. Today, the town is well-stocked with hiking-gear shops… and pubs.

Moot Hall, Keswick

Keswick is extremely dog friendly, as many other holiday-makers bring their beloved dogs with them on vacation. The town square can look like a canine convention at times, and at the local pubs, dogs are more than welcome.

Vigorous hikes are one of the many reasons the Lake District is such a hit with holiday goers and their four legged friends. Adventures can take as little as just a couple of hours and have rewards for anyone who tackles them with a trip highlight that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you’d like to explore the stunning landscapes of the Lake District. We’ve pulled together a list of recommended dog friendly cottages to stay. Click here to see our recommendations.



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